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Viral post-apocalyptic movie Carriers finally gets a release

Thanks to the success of the Star Trek movie released earlier in the year, and the popularity of one of its stars Chris Pine (Captain Kirk,) Paramount studios are now releasing the post apocalyptic movie Carriers in which Pine stars.

The film has sat on the shelf since 2006 and was the unfortunate victim of the Studio shake up which saw the end of the studios Paramount Vantage arm.
Although it will be a limited release there’s already a huge buzz surrounding the movie, which has already had advanced screenings. The general consensus is that this is one to watch.

Upcoming Movie Carriers

Upcoming Movie Carriers

After a deadly plague quickly spreads throughout the planet leaving the worlds population in panic and fear, a group of desperate friends travel across America in the hope of reaching an isolated area in the South.  Unfortunately things don’t go to plan when their car breaks down leaving them stranded and vulnerable. With no where to hide their frantic attempt to escape turns into a deadly battle against the infected, crazed survivalists, and finally each other.
Carriers will be released September 4th

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