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Sneak Peak at Syfy’s upcoming movie ‘Meteor Storm’

Take a look at the video preview for the upcoming Syfy original movie Meteor Storm. The movie which will premier on Saturday, January 30th is an apocalyptic disaster flick... Read On

Syfy to Premier Battlestar Galactica: The Plan Sunday January 10

Syfy will premier Battlestar Galactica: The Plan Sunday, January 10 at 9pm, yes that’s tomorrow folks, but don’t worry if you’ve already missed it you’ll have plenty of chances... Read On

‘Meteor Storm’ the SyFy Original Movie Airs January 30th

The apocalyptic TV movie Meteor Storm will premier on Syfy, January 30th at 9pm as part of a whole day dedicated to disaster movies. Which will include re-runs of... Read On

Watch the Full Pilot Episode of Caprica For Free Right Here!

With only a month or so to go before the release of SyFy’s new Battlestar Galactica spin off Caprica, they have released an extended version of the pilot to... Read On

Annihilation Earth Airs on SyFy 12th December!

A little something for the weekend! SyFi will be airing the high budget apocalyptic TV movie Annihilation Earth on the 12th December. The movie which was filmed on location... Read On

Caprica TV series now due for release in early 2010

Well after having my appetite wet by the excellent pilot for the upcoming apocalyptic SyFy series Caprica, it seems I, along with millions of other expectant fans will now... Read On

Bug infestation creates comedic mayhem in SyFy’s upcoming movie

The new SyFy (SciFi channel) movie Infestation is set to thrill viewers when it’s unleashed on August 8th. The movie which is a blend of bug apocalyptic horror and... Read On