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Latest News

Mad Max 4 Fury Road Gets Its New Leading Lady

After years of false starts, rumours and speculation it seems the next instalment of the Mad Max franchise is now definitely gearing up for production. It’s been over 20 years since the release of the last movie, in a series which has become one of the most iconic and... Read On

The Next Resident Evil Movie Afterlife will be in 3D!

The fourth movie in the massively successful series of Resident Evil films will not only be in 3D it will also be the first of a second trilogy! The production of the movie will commence in September this year and the film has already been given a release date... Read On

The Book of Eli Trailer is Finally Here!

Feast your eye’s on the trailer for the upcoming post-apocalyptic film Book of Eli. Book of Eli is directed by the Hughes brothers and stars both Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman. Filming of the movie began in New Mexico in February 2009 and the film is set for release... Read On

Red Dawn Remake Good to Go For September Production

Well after a few false starts and a major revamping of the script the remake of the classic 80s movie is on schedule to begin production in September this year. The hit 80’s movie Red Dawn is one in a string of classic films that’s been getting the movie... Read On

Caprica TV series now due for release in early 2010

Well after having my appetite wet by the excellent pilot for the upcoming apocalyptic SyFy series Caprica, it seems I, along with millions of other expectant fans will now have to wait a little longer as the series will not air till early 2010. Summary For those unfamiliar Caprica... Read On

District 9 Cryptic TV Trailers abound

With the imminent release of the upcoming Peter Jackson produced movie the marketing machine has gone into overdrive. Unless you’re not a TV junky like me you couldn’t have failed to notice the rather cryptic District 9 trailers on the telly over the past few weeks (see below.) The... Read On

Torchwood Children of the Earth 5 day TV event

For those that missed the start of the excellent Torchwood – Children of the Earth TV event that aired on BBC America last night (July 20th). Here’s your chance to watch the rather spectacular opening to the show. BBC America has provided the first few minutes of the Apocalyptic... Read On

Bug infestation creates comedic mayhem in SyFy’s upcoming movie

The new SyFy (SciFi channel) movie Infestation is set to thrill viewers when it’s unleashed on August 8th. The movie which is a blend of bug apocalyptic horror and rip-roaring comedy is set to tear-up our TV screens and have us laughing hysterically. Summary When new office employee Cooper... Read On

Is DiCaprio’s Akira Live Action Remake Dead in the Water?

It would seem that the rumoured problems were true as the production of the 2 part live action movie that was being produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way and Warner Bros studios has halted. It was rumoured some months ago that the director Ruairi Robinson had walked away from... Read On

Trailer For The Alien-Apartheid Apocalypse Movie District 9

I’ve been following the progress of this movie for a while now but wasn’t sure until today whether it was appropriate for the site… But it’s just been whispered in my ear that this may actually end up being sum what of an apocalyptic movie after all. The movie... Read On

Trailer for apocalyptic French drama movie This is the End

This is the End ( French title Les Derniers Jours Du Monde) is an apocalyptic movie drama directed by Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu, the brothers are well known for artistic films which explore the human condition. And it seems this new movie will be no different, as it uses... Read On

Pandorum Preview and Trailer

US release date: September 18 2009 Director: Christian Alvart Cast: Ben Foster, Dennis Quaid, Cam Gigandet, Antje Traue, Cung Le, Eddie Rouse and more This upcoming apocalyptic sci-fi horror which stars Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid is set to thrill apocalyptic, horror and science fiction fans alike. The movie... Read On

International Trailer for Upcoming Animated Movie 9 is released

The international trailer for the animated post-apocalyptic movie 9 has hit the net. And this trailer not only gives a greater insight to the story it also reveals some pretty nifty animation. After watching the new trailer I’ve got a feeling this movie will be all I’ve been anticipating... Read On

Day One Trailer and Plot Details Revealed

The mystery surrounding NBC’s upcoming post-apocalyptic show has finally been revealed. The extended trailer also gives an insight in to the plot which has been said to be a cross between War of the Worlds and Lost. Well judging by the trailer (below) it looks like all the hoopla... Read On

Viral post-apocalyptic movie Carriers finally gets a release

Thanks to the success of the Star Trek movie released earlier in the year, and the popularity of one of its stars Chris Pine (Captain Kirk,) Paramount studios are now releasing the post apocalyptic movie Carriers in which Pine stars. The film has sat on the shelf since 2006... Read On

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