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jericho jericho [ 2006 - US ]
Original title: jericho [ Hits:28296 ]
Plot: After a series of nuclear attacks The United States is thrown into chaos and confusion leading to the destruction of the government and a population t

Jeremiah Jeremiah [ 2002 - US ]
Original title: Jeremiah [ Hits:23332 ]
Plot: After a plague kills everyone who was above the age of puberty, the children of the world must survive on what ever is left of the old world. The show

Survivors - TV-Series (2008) Survivors - TV-Series (2008) [ 2008 - UK ]
Original title: Survivors - TV-Series (2008) [ Hits:22607 ]
Plot: Taking place in modern day England, a strange flu like virus begins to move through the UK and the world, killing at an alarming rate and killing ever

Life After People - The Series Life After People - The Series [ 2009 - US ]
Original title: Life After People - The Series [ Hits:11449 ]
Plot: This groundbreaking series from the history channel reveals what changes would occur on earth if every human being on the planet suddenly vanished. It

Impact (TV-Mini-Series) Impact (TV-Mini-Series) [ 2009 - German / US ]
Original title: Impact (TV-Mini-Series) [ Hits:10648 ]
Plot: Recently aired on ABC in June 2009, this was originally a German project which stars a mix of American and German actors and is shot between the two l

The Stand The Stand [ 1994 - US ]
Original title: The Stand [ Hits:9490 ]
Plot: After a killer virus is released from a government Lab almost all of America’s population is wiped out.  The few survivors immune to t

The Andromeda Strain - Mini-Series The Andromeda Strain - Mini-Series [ 2008 - US ]
Original title: The Andromeda Strain - Mini-Series [ Hits:7882 ]
Plot: When an American satellite crash lands in a small dessert town the army is called in to investigate. Unfortunately, the device is carrying more than t

The Walking Dead The Walking Dead [ 2010 - US ]
Original title: The Walking Dead [ Hits:7733 ]
Plot: In this new post apocalytic T.V show  from AMC come's THE WALKING DEAD based on Robert Kirkman’s widely acclaimed comic.After being sho

Dead Set Dead Set [ 2008 - UK ]
Original title: Dead Set [ Hits:6928 ]
Plot: During a fictional series of Big Brother, a zombie outbreak occurs, but the house-mates are unaware of the impending doom outside of the Big Brother H

Survivors Survivors [ 1975 - UK ]
Original title: Survivors [ Hits:3781 ]
Plot: The world's population is almost annihilated by a mysterious pandemic. This series documents the trials of a group of survivors living in England

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