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jericho jericho [ 2006 - US ]
Original title: jericho [ Hits:28591 ]
Plot: After a series of nuclear attacks The United States is thrown into chaos and confusion leading to the destruction of the government and a population t

Survivors - TV-Series (2008) Survivors - TV-Series (2008) [ 2008 - UK ]
Original title: Survivors - TV-Series (2008) [ Hits:23917 ]
Plot: Taking place in modern day England, a strange flu like virus begins to move through the UK and the world, killing at an alarming rate and killing ever

Jeremiah Jeremiah [ 2002 - US ]
Original title: Jeremiah [ Hits:23717 ]
Plot: After a plague kills everyone who was above the age of puberty, the children of the world must survive on what ever is left of the old world. The show

Life After People - The Series Life After People - The Series [ 2009 - US ]
Original title: Life After People - The Series [ Hits:11767 ]
Plot: This groundbreaking series from the history channel reveals what changes would occur on earth if every human being on the planet suddenly vanished. It

Impact (TV-Mini-Series) Impact (TV-Mini-Series) [ 2009 - German / US ]
Original title: Impact (TV-Mini-Series) [ Hits:10850 ]
Plot: Recently aired on ABC in June 2009, this was originally a German project which stars a mix of American and German actors and is shot between the two l

The Stand The Stand [ 1994 - US ]
Original title: The Stand [ Hits:9614 ]
Plot: After a killer virus is released from a government Lab almost all of America’s population is wiped out.  The few survivors immune to t

The Andromeda Strain - Mini-Series The Andromeda Strain - Mini-Series [ 2008 - US ]
Original title: The Andromeda Strain - Mini-Series [ Hits:8017 ]
Plot: When an American satellite crash lands in a small dessert town the army is called in to investigate. Unfortunately, the device is carrying more than t

The Walking Dead The Walking Dead [ 2010 - US ]
Original title: The Walking Dead [ Hits:7814 ]
Plot: In this new post apocalytic T.V show  from AMC come's THE WALKING DEAD based on Robert Kirkman’s widely acclaimed comic.After being sho

Dead Set Dead Set [ 2008 - UK ]
Original title: Dead Set [ Hits:7245 ]
Plot: During a fictional series of Big Brother, a zombie outbreak occurs, but the house-mates are unaware of the impending doom outside of the Big Brother H

Survivors Survivors [ 1975 - UK ]
Original title: Survivors [ Hits:3872 ]
Plot: The world's population is almost annihilated by a mysterious pandemic. This series documents the trials of a group of survivors living in England

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