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Dead Air Dead Air [ 2009 - US ]
Original title: Dead Air [ Hits:4445 ]
Plot: A radio talk show host (Bill Mosely) and some of the staff become confined to their radio station while a bio-toxin is released over the United States

Mutants Mutants [ 2009 - France ]
Original title: Mutants [ Hits:5681 ]
Plot: A global virus has transformed the vast majority of humanity into bloodthirsty, mutant creatures. Marco and Sonia are a young couple fleeing the mutan

Cargo Cargo [ 2009 - Switzerland ]
Original title: Cargo [ Hits:7268 ]
Plot: Cargo is set in a bleak future where the Earth's surface is now uninhabitable and mankind is forced to live in orbit on overcrowded spaceships. Th

The Horde The Horde [ 2009 - France ]
Original title: La Horde [ Hits:1702 ]
Plot: During a raid on an apartment block the zombie apocalypse happens. So the cops and criminals combine forces to halt the hordes of zombies in this Fren

The Revenant The Revenant [ 2009 - US ]
Original title: The Revenant [ Hits:3693 ]
Plot: Army Officer Bart Gregory (David Anders) who has been killed under mysterious circumstances in Iraq. The night after his funeral gets up out of his gr

Zombieland Zombieland [ 2009 - US ]
Original title: Zombieland [ Hits:2185 ]
Plot: A nerdy Texan student armed only with his 30 rules to surviving the zombie apocalypse joins forces with two sisters and a red-neck to cross 'the U

Survival of the Dead Survival of the Dead [ 2009 - US / Canada ]
Original title: Survival of the Dead [ Hits:13384 ]
Plot: A small group of military personnel seek refuge from the plague of zombies that have begun to take over the planet. Having come across a video promisi

Daybreakers Daybreakers [ 2009 - US ]
Original title: Daybreakers [ Hits:3160 ]
Plot: Set in the year 2019 after a plague has transformed almost all of the worlds population into vampires, researcher Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke,) faced w

The Road The Road [ 2009 - US ]
Original title: The Road [ Hits:6784 ]
Plot: After an unnamed disaster (though odds are this was an eruption of the super caldera at Yellowstone), a father and his son journey from inland to the

Pontypool Pontypool [ 2009 - Canada ]
Original title: Pontypool [ Hits:11254 ]
Plot: When reports start coming in of violent events spreading through the area, a radio host along with two of his staff begin to realise that something is

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