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The End The End [ 2011 - Costa Rica ]
Original title: El Fin [ Hits:8032 ]
Plot: Set on the last day on Earth, with the planet's population fully aware that a giant asteroid is on a collision course with the planet and there is

Days of Darkness Days of Darkness [ 2007 - US ]
Original title: Days of Darkness: Rise of the Flesheaters [ Hits:9030 ]
Plot: After a comet passes near the earth, most of the population become zombies. A motley group of survivors holed up in an abandoned military compound and

Melancholia Melancholia [ 2011 - US ]
Original title: Melancholia [ Hits:5724 ]
Plot: Worlds literally collide in this visually stunning drama from Lars von Trier (Dogville, 2003). A new planet named Melancholia is spotted roaming throu

Maximum Overdrive Maximum Overdrive [ 1986 - US ]
Original title: Maximum Overdrive [ Hits:3165 ]
Plot: After the earth passes through the tail of a comet, the machines of earth come to life and turn on their former masters.Review: I really loved this ad

Impact (TV-Mini-Series) Impact (TV-Mini-Series) [ 2009 - German / US ]
Original title: Impact (TV-Mini-Series) [ Hits:10875 ]
Plot: Recently aired on ABC in June 2009, this was originally a German project which stars a mix of American and German actors and is shot between the two l

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