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Ewen Bremner boards the Post-Apocalyptic Train in ‘Snow Piercer’

Ewen Bremner (Trainspotting) is the latest to sign up for a role in the upcoming post-apocalyptic thriller Snow Piercer.

The movie which already has a slew of high profile actors including Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton and Jamie Bell will begin filming in just a few week’s time.

From left to right: Jamie Bell, Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton

Here’s what we know about the film so far,

Snow Piercer will follow a group of survivors travelling in a train across a future icebound Earth; it’s an adaptation of a French graphic novel Le Transperceneige, in which a train travels around in an endless circle, filled with the remnants of humanity after a new ice age has killed off almost all life on the planet. There are separate sections for the separate classes, and obviously all is not harmonious within.

Bremner who will play “a father who offers to help Evans rescue his kidnapped son” will also be joined by the other confirmed cast members, John Hurt and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer.

From left to right: Octavia Spencer, Ewan Bremner, John Hurt

The movie which is set for release in 2013 will be the first English language film for acclaimed director Joon-ho Bong (The Host,) who co-wrote the script with Kelly Masterson (Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead.)
Visually the movie will be very western with a mostly American and English cast however the production will be very much a Korean affair, as Chan-wook Park the director of the cult movies oldboy and Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance has also signed on to produce.

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments.

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