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Bug infestation creates comedic mayhem in SyFy’s upcoming movie

The new SyFy (SciFi channel) movie Infestation is set to thrill viewers when it’s unleashed on August 8th.

The movie which is a blend of bug apocalyptic horror and rip-roaring comedy is set to tear-up our TV screens and have us laughing hysterically.

When new office employee Cooper wakes up to find himself hanging from the ceiling and covered in webbing he struggles to escape only to find his imprisoner lying in wait, A 3 foot tall bug that’s now rather annoyed that its lunch is trying to escape!
The movie follows Cooper and a few survivors as they try to find a safe haven in a world now over taken by oversized creepy crawlies!

I must admit after watching the trailer (see below) I’m really looking forward to seeing this, it looks like it’s one of them quirky little sci-fi comedy movies that I grew up watching and loving! Eight legged freaks being one that comes to mind and if this movie is anywhere near as implausible, incredible and damn right silly as that was then it’s definitely going to be worth a watch… in my opinion at least!

You can catch the movie on SyFy August 8th at 9pm and repeated at 1am

Infestation Trailer:

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  1. Mateusz says
    July 20, 2009, 6:26 pm

    This looks really good even the trailer was funny! I love these kinds of movie too, Tremors was another good one. This looks like a cross between shaun of the dead and Eight legged freaks! bug-zombies I love it!

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