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Fire and brimstone

Is this the end? It sure feels like it, if you live in Colorado Read On

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Interview With Author Shaun Penney on his Post-Apocalyptic Novel, “The Death of Eve”

First I’d like to thank author Shaun Penney for agreeing to talk to us about his post-apocalyptic novel, “The Death of Eve”. Shaun, could you tell us a bit about the world you’ve created? My pleasure. The Death of Eve takes place a hundred years in the future. In... Read On

The beer of the Mayans

When there’s only time for one more beer…   In good company with Chevrolet’s Super Bowl ad, the Anheuser-Busch InBev-owned Shock Top beer has entered the curious marketing landscape with their own humorous post-apocalyptic commercial. I like this one a bit more than Chevy’s, if only for its inclusion... Read On

More Screenshots of ‘The Walking Dead’ Game and Web Series Playing Dead: Episode 2

Telltale Games have just released a few more screenshots of the upcoming Walking Dead game along with the second episode of the developer web series Playing Dead, which you can watch below. You can find the first episode of Playing Dead here The game which is the first of... Read On

‘Boy Scouts Vs. Zombies’ Movie Gets a Director

The acclaimed horror/comedy script Boy Scouts Vs. Zombies has been gathering dust since it made it onto the Black List back in 2010. However the project has now gained a director in the form of Etan Cohen, a co-writer of the hit comedy Tropic Thunder, so we shouldn’t be... Read On

Lenny Kravitz in Latest Official ‘The Hunger Games’ Clip

This is the first clip from The Hunger Games to feature Lenny Kravitz who plays Cinna, Katniss’ close friend and personal stylist. Many were unsure about the casting of Kravitz for this role, but judging by the footage below those fears were unfounded, as his portrayal seems very close... Read On

PA Game Release: ‘I am Alive’ (Including Trailer, Latest Developer Diary and Free iTunes app)

Over four years in the making I am Alive which is set for release tomorrow (March 7) has not only captivated the post-apocalyptic games enthusiasts; it’s gotten the whole gaming community eagerly awaiting its release. And that’s mostly thanks to Ubisoft’s tireless efforts to keep the public’s interest in... Read On

‘How It Ends’ Scribe Brooks McClaren to pen Techno-Apocalypse movie ‘God’s Gulch’

Brooks McClaren has signed up to write the script for director Mike McCoy’s new apocalyptic movie, God’s Gulch. Here’s the official summary, “In the wake of the entire computer network shutting down and the ensuing economic and societal collapse, a group must come together to fight for their survival.”... Read On

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12 Preview

Just two more episodes to go folks and after last night’s shock ending it seems that not all of the show’s regulars will make it to season 3! Last night’s episode saw the group at odds with each other over the fate of Randall. Dale being the usual moral... Read On

Interview with crew of ‘Existence’

There’s a new apocalyptic film coming from New Zealand, called Existence (Facebook page).  While still too early in the film’s development, the filmmakers contacted us and were kind enough to share some details.  In the coming weeks, we’ll post more production notes.  For now, we have this interview and... Read On

Check out the European Character Posters for ‘Battleship’

With the European release of Battleship now just a few weeks away (April 11, UK) Universal have released some tasty looking character posters for the movie, which you can feast your eyes on below. The movie which won’t be released in the US until May 18, will see the... Read On

Watch the First Official Clip from The Hunger Games

In the run up to the movies release on March 23, Lionsgate have just released the first of a planned series of official video clips. In this first clip we get to see Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) showing off her bow skills. You can find the movies trailer here and... Read On

AMC Accidentally Reveals Major ‘Walking Dead’ Spoiler!!

AMC have inadvertently revealed the death of one of the shows regular characters on their website. The reveal which could potential spoil the next few episodes was an obvious oversight on their part, for which no doubt someone in their offices will be in serious trouble! Whoever put the... Read On

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